According to the research statistic, USA welcomed over 60 million travelers in 2016 and stood at the 2nd position as the 1st position belonged to France. Vietnam is a potential market which the number of tourist increased up to 50%.

We will image of the very beautifully long beaches with ranges of palm tree lines when talking about the Florida. With about 14,000 km coastline, we will be close to the beaches.

There are many wonderful places for your visiting in Florida such as, Orlando, Miami, Tampa, Naples, For Lauderdale…Miami is famous for its long pristine beaches and there are just few beaches in the world can be in the list with Miami. Meanwhile, Orlando is quite well-known for wonderful entertainment areas and parks including Walt Disney World, Epcot or China Pavilion…

Unlike Orlando or Miami, Tampa is a bustling and hustling city by various types or arts, unique and typical places such as, old opera house of Tampa (built in 1926), Big cat Rescue with many endangered species including lions, leopards or tigers…, Florida Aquarium Ybor city build in the 19th century….



Vietnam Original Travel is founded in 2007 by Mr Duc Manh who was an excellent guide and worked in tourism in many years. He has seen that Vietnam is a very rich country in culture, history and beautiful landscape. The government and local travel companies did not exploit all advantages totally but still ensure the sustainably economic development and environment protection. He has decided to establish company in order to introduction the beauty of Vietnam to all friends in all over the world.

Vietnam and USA have normalized the relationship for many years. Many tourists in Vietnam have chosen USA to be one of the best destinations and Florida is the most ideal place when visiting USA. With many beautiful landscapes and very excellent service, Florida has become “must-visit” place of Vietnamese tourists.


Recently, the number of Vietnamese traveling to USA has increased sharply. According the research, in 2015 there was over 50 thousands Vietnamese to USA and over a half visited Florida. The main reason is that Florida has a variety of tourism types such as, cultural and historic tourism (although the state is not a long historical country, but the culture and history are quite different with Vietnamese), leisure tourism or exploring tourism.

First of all, as referred to cultural tourism, almost Vietnamese tourists have chosen it because, they have chance to visit new destinations and explore multi-culture as well. Surely, their chosen destinations including St. Augustine, Historic home, Battle of Natural Bridge…

Leisure tourism is also chosen by many people when visiting Florida. With over 16000km coastal line including beautiful bay, Florida is quite famous for its type of leisure tourism especially beach-related tours.

Florida is named as sunshine state so it is very attractive by its outdoor activities, such as Alligator Cove airboat nature, March landing adventures, Dolphin tours, wildness safari….These kind of tours have become quite impressive to Vietnamese tourists.


Although a number of Vietnamese tourists to USA has increased, but there are some obstacles which may get tourists away from the country. First of all, currently there are a lot of travel agencies which are both reliable agencies and scammers. Many people have reported they have paid a much to the agencies but could not visit USA. They only recognized the scam agencies when they run away.

Secondly, many tourists who have not traveled abroad before have claimed that they are worried about aggressive or threatening acts from the locals.

Thirdly, some people cannot estimate properly the budget for their travel. Many things are much expensive than that in Vietnam due to the different currency exchange. They many have to pay a lot for round flight tickets or simply a glass of beer at a club.

Understanding our customer’s issue, Vietnam Original Travel has cooperated with some trustworthy agencies in Florida who can provide the best services and best price to tourists. Our customers do not have to worry about the plan, what they can do or what they should visit or how much they have to spend on…Last year, Vietnam Original Travel served over 5000 customers and they expect to welcome over 7000 thousands customers this year.

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