Ninh Kieu wharf

Ninh Kieu wharf

Ninh Kieu wharf as known as Ninh Kieu park is a water port and a tourist and cultural destination of Can Tho city. It located on the right bank of the Hau river which is between the Hau River and the Can Tho River, adjacent to Hai Ba Trung Street, Tan An Ward, Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho City. Ninh Kieu wharf is on Hai Ba Trung Street, right at the foot of Ninh Kieu Bridge.

Ninh Kieu wharf is a long-standing tourist attraction and attracts visitors by charming river scenery and convenient location overlooking the Hau river. A long time ago, this place was a symbol of poetic beauty on the banks of the Hau river of Can Tho city, attracting many visitors to visit. Here is the pride for the local people here for their beauty.

There is no historical record of the formation of the Ninh Kieu Wharf. However, according to some researchers, there has been an anecdotal formulation of this place since the Gia Long period of the Nguyen dynasty and the former Ninh Kieu port which was a river port at the Can Tho market.

Ninh Kieu wharf used to have several names, Hang Duong wharf or Can Tho wharf. Since 1876, Can Tho wharf was renovated to prevent the waves along the river by the French. At this time it is the only wharf of the 6 provinces in Cochinchina. The ships from all over the Hau Giang docked here for transporting goods and picking up guests. When the trade is more prosperous, Hang Duong wharf has also been expanded and repaired, gradually becoming a tourist attraction of Tay Do. About 1957, under the Republic of Vietnam, The Hang Duong wharf was named Ninh Kieu Wharf.

Currently, Ben Ninh Kieu has been built into a large-scale park with an area of 7000 square meters for the needs of leisure and entertainment of the city residents and visitors. This place has a statue of Uncle Ho which is 7.2 m high and weighs nearly 13 tons. This statue has a sacred meaning, where the city celebrated Uncle Ho in the big holidays.

Ninh Kieu Park is large and spacious, with embankments along the river. Along with the stone chairs under the coconut trees in the wind, this place is a favorite destination to witness the natural scenery. Inside the park, there are many beautiful plants, gorgeous flowers, the green grass interlaced with the white cement path and of course the Uncle Ho bronze statue. The sanctuary is on the high platform 3.6 meters. Around the park are a large number of restaurants, serving a variety of local specialties.

In addition, from Ninh Kieu wharf park the visitors can see Can Tho brisk terraces, overlooking the rustic Xom Chai and a strip of blue islets. Next to the park is the Can Tho Binh Thuy ancient house and the modern port of Can Tho, capable of receiving ships of up to 5,000 tons.

At Ninh Kieu wharf, the wharf is full of boats and ship with full of products from all over the Mekong Delta. There are also a number of tourist boats. Along with a Ninh Kieu cruise which is a floating restaurant, people usually takes visitors on the river in the evening and performs featured musical performances. In the midst of a vast river, under the moonlight, listening to the silky tune, will be a poetic experience. Every year, Ninh Kieu wharf in particular and Can Tho, in general, welcome a large number of visitors, thanks to the natural beauty of this land and the hospitality of the local people.

Moreover, besides floating on the river, people can also wander in on the streets, in the night markets. Around Ninh Kieu wharf also formed walking streets, and Ninh Kieu cuisine night market, operating from 4 pm to 12 pm. They sell a variety of different items, this attracts a lot of people come here for eating, shopping. At night the market is extremely crowded and busy.

In the middle of December 12th in lunar year, Ben Ninh Kieu flower market with the spring atmosphere is very exciting and splendid. Ninh Kieu wharf also includes many other projects such as Can Tho ancient market, Can Tho passenger wharf (to the Mekong Delta), Ninh Kieu boat restaurant, etc.