Florida is a big state in USA which has hundreds of kilometer of beaches. Therefore, it is very famous and is one of the most attractive states for traveling. Florida’s economy mostly depends on tourism. Every year, tourism brings a lot of benefits to the locals such as, money and jobs which make the local living better. The Florida authority is planning to deploy state income tax in order to cover state expense which is increasing quickly. However, the local do not think the law suitable (because the authority are collecting tax from sale, power, property…) so they are demanding a donttaxflorida right which can help them save a large amount of money as a result they can spend on paying other type of tax, gas, electricity, children education and food…


According to the independent research, Florida is applying the lowest tax comparing with other states which takes Florida to the 5th position of lowest tax burden. In particular, this state does not apply personal income tax, although it has property and sales taxes. There are some types of taxes as the following:

  • Estate tax and inheritance taxes, intangible tax, sales tax, property tax, corporate income tax….


USA is significant for its large area with over 9.6 million km2 spreading from California to New York. There are 50 states including, California, Minnesota, Ohio, Florida…Florida is the 4th largest by population which will bring a huge amount of tax to the state in particular and the government in general. If the state income tax is approved, the government budget will gain a lot of money.

Regard to the geography, Florida is a big peninsula located among of Mexico bay, Atlantic and Florida ocean channel. This state is not great at natural resources but tourism is very developed thanks to warm weather and many long sandy beaches. Northern Florida is one of the best destinations including West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Miami. Last year, the whole country welcomed over 62.7 million foreign tourists, decreasing about 1 million comparing to 2015. However, Florida was not in the same situation with the whole country when it saw the increase of 500 thousands tourists. Thanks to the tourism development, the most local livings are improving day by day. It is easy to understand that Florida is very famous in the world for it paradise of entertainment, bustling beaches and crowded parks. Although, Florida is endowed by nature with lovely beaches, but the locals have to suffer a lot from severe weather such as, tropical cyclones, tornados…The severe weathers also affect much to the economy every year.

Like 8 other states (including Alaska, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington, Wyoming, New Hampshire and Tennessee), the residents in Florida are enjoying personal income tax exemption but the locals find that their livings are still much lower than other states. Many people are worrying much when their authority is planning to apply income tax which led to a march of a donttaxflorida right in last October in order to have a better living condition.


In 2016, the local authority is recommended to increase the tax in order to prevent the stream of people in other states moving to this land due to the accommodating climate and low living cost (in recent years, the state has seen over 900 thousand people transferring to and this is the second highest number recorded in USA) and to cover the decrease in state budget.

However, the current situation is not as good as that some years ago because there are 4 cities out of 25 city standing at the top about credit card debt. Also, credit card delinquency of the state is at the second position. In 2015, there are over 2 million poor people and in 2016 over 2.3 million people needed the help from the government. According to the statistic, people in Florida have to spend over 50% of personal income on expenditure related to housing and stands at the 3rd position on this expense.

In the late of October, there was a march for donttaxflorida right and lasted in some days. The march was taken in the peace. Nobody likes wants to pay income tax and the locals just wanted to show their disappointment to the authority on the draft of tax increase and to confirm again that their living will be affected seriously if the new law becomes valid.


Although, the state authority has not released final decision, the local march has shown to the authority that they will not accept the new policy on their income tax. The donttaxflorida right is like a beat on the authority which requires them to put the resident’s right on the top before releasing any new policies.

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